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Survey and Dive Support Vessel - ROV
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 L.O.A. 59.5m
Breadth 12.20m
Draft 4.18m
GRT 799
NRT 240


 Built to Lloyds Rules Special Survey Class # 100 A1 by Robb Caledon in 1973.
Multi-purpose support vessel capable of carrying out : ROV & diving operations, hydrographic & geophysical surveys, cable survey & repair, route clearance and surveys, buoy maintenance, 4-point mooring operations.

Managed and operated in accordance with the ISM code. Extensive and exemplary track record.

PORT OF REGISTRY: Kingston, St. Vincent & Grenadines 

CLASS: International Naval Surveys Bureau CALL SIGN: J8TB3

Navigation Equipment

 Radar 1 Furuno FR 2100,  Radar 2 Racal Decca BT 360, GPS Nav 1 Valsat 2008 Mk1, 
 GPS Nav 2 Furuno GP36,  Gyro Compass SG Brown Mk 10,
Auto-Pilot Navitron NT 925G,  Navtex IC5-Nav5,  DGPS Furuno GR 80, Sounder AB Precision, Anemometer Walker 2040.


Fuel 60t
Lube Oil 2.5t 
Fresh Water 88t 
Desalinator Seafresh H2016 6t/day
Ballast 305t 
Cargo Holds 575 m 3
Range 3000nm 
Speed 10 knots

Deck Machinery

 Ship’s Anchor 2 x 1t AC 14 Stockless with 7 Shackles of Chain.
 Capstan 2 x 7.5t Hydraulic.
Mooring System 4 x 15t McTaggart Scott double Barrelled, 750m x 32mm wire

4 x 2t Danforths,  4 x 6m 3 Scanmarin Buoys,  1 x Hydralift  2.5t to 8m Crane
1 x Bonfigioli P80000 TL/4SI 80 TM, 8t Winch & 1 Grove Crane


On Passage 2.5t/day -   On Location 0.75t/day

       Communication Equipment  :       

VHF 1 Sailor RT 2048, VHF DSC Sailor RM 2042, VHF 2  STC STR 27,
MF & DSC Furuno 1562/25 & DSC 6/6A,  Hand-Held VHF 3 x ICOM IC-GM 1500E,    Hand-Held UHF 6 x Maxon SL55U2 ,  Satellite GMP-2000 Inmarsat    Mini-M, Cell / GSM Digital Voice, Fax & E-Mail .


 Main Engine 1 x 551kW Ruston Paxman 16 cylinder Diesel,
 Propeller 1 x 3 blade    CPP (2.44m dia)
      Bow Thruster  Ballegooy 100 Gilljet via Cummins NTA855 470hp
 Auxiliaries 3 x 168kW Ruston Paxman
1 x 72kW Perkins Diesel Genset 

Integral Equipment :

LP Air Diving Compressor 75 cfm     
HP Air Diving Compressor 14 cfm
LP Volume Cylinders 4 x 250 litre
Cable Jointing Area (below Deck)

 Accommodation :  Fully equipped Galley, Mess, 
 showers and toilets.
Berths for 11 marine crew and 20 passengers.

SEAEYE 600 MkII. This ROV is a powerful free-swimming ‘Eyeball’ Inspection class vehicle suitable for various underwater tasks designed for operations in either ‘free-swimming’ mode to a maximum of 200metres of water or in conjunction with a Tether Management System (T.M.S). The Vehicle is fitted with 160° tilting CCD colour and low light black and white cameras mounted inside an anodised-aluminium pod with 2 x 150 watt underwater lights (dimmable) and underwater sonar. The SEAEYE 600 has a large performance envelope for a vehicle of this class, with two horizontal SM2H thrusters and two vectored SM2H thrusters giving exceptional horizontal and lateral/vertical thrust respectively. Provision for fitting additional optional equipment include Contact or Proximity C.P. probes, single function manipulator, rope cutter, stills camera, FMD frame, HPR Mini-Beacon within the vehicles 10Kg payload capability.

Control Container. 3.00m x 2.45m x 2.55m welded steel offshore container with 4 top corner lifting points. Gross weight 6000kgs. Certified for Zone II or safe area installation. The container is divided into two sections by an internal steel bulkhead, access to the control section is via a single personnel door whilst the umbilical winch and cables etc are fitted inside the double cargo door access. The control section contains all required electrical power transformers and distribution for domestic and ROV operation. A pressurisation fan, fire dampers, smoke/gas alarms and Air-conditioning system are fitted integral to the container. All ROV controls are rack mounted and include professional quality monitors and VCR's. A work-bench is provided for additional equipment. The Umbilical Winch is bolted to the floor in the cargo section of the container, this area also acts as stowage for system cabling etc. A voice communication system between the ROV pilot and the winch operator has been installed. A Mains electrical cable is supplied with the container for connection to a nominal 415 – 440 VAC 50/60 Hz 32Amp supply and transit frames and J.B’s are fitted to allow for extra power or signal cables to be installed.

Umbilical winch and power pack. The umbilical winch is an all steel construction comprising of a mounting frame, bearing blocks, and an umbilical storage drum driven by a Pneumatic motor/gearbox assembly. An electrical slip-ring assembly and junction box are fitted to the drum shaft. The winch drum can accommodate a maximum 300m. of 16mm dia Polyurethane coated Seaeye umbilical. Operation of the winch is controlled by an actuator lever attached on the winch. Air supply required to operate the winch is approx 100 psi at 70 cu.ft/min. 


 A complete offshore air diving spread with facilities for two working divers and one standby diver. Built in compliance with UK HSE regulations, the installation can be configured for any type of survey or construction application.

EIVA NaviPac : Integrated Navigation & Data Acquisition
The NaviPac software is an integrated navigation and data acquisition software specifically suited for applications like:

. General navigation
. Hydrographic & oceanographic surveying
. Geophysical & seismic surveying
. Port & harbour surveys
. Pipeline lay-barge management and control
. Pipeline pre- and post-surveys
. Cable installation & support
. Civil/offshore engineering work
. Underwater operations
. ROV surveys


A Sseabed cone penetrometer specifically for cable and pipeline route investigations. Designed around a 25kN wheeldrive system, the entire unit has been innovatively re-engineered. With a base area of 1m 2 , this unit uses 2 or 10cm 2 piezocones. Capable of penetrating stiff clay and very dense sands and gravels, this ‘mini-cone’ system is easily deployed from most non–specialist vessels, and can even be launched through an ROV type moon-pool. The 2000m rated 25kN unit uses AP van den Berg 2 or 10cm 2 piezocones, uniquely capable of measuring pore water pressure in seabed sediments at water depths greater than previously possible.


Vibrocoring is a method of obtaining relatively undisturbed seabed samples. Vibrocorers consist of a steel core barrel suspended in a steel frame that is vibrated into the seabed. The core barrel contains a transparent PVC core liner and a steel one-way tulip style core catcher to retain the sample. The corer is lowered to the seabed and allowed to operate for typically up to 3 minutes. A monitor system records depth of penetration. Upon recovery the core liner is extruded and the core is cut into suitable lengths (usually 1m) for onboard descriptions.


 The Hamon Grab has been developed to provide an autonomous sampling device for the investigation of seabed top soil particularly for sand and gravel assessment and environmental benthic surveys. The system is simple to handle and operate and its function is reliable and independent of water depth. A square frame forms the stable support for a bucket which rotates through an angle of 120 o , after being released by a gravity trigger system. During this rotation, activated by the hoisting cable, the grab penetrates 30 centimetres into the seabed sediment. At the end of the movement, the bucket mouth opening is forced against a rubber covered steel plate, sealing the bucket mouth completely and preventing any loss of material.


The Geophysical package has been designed with pipeline and cable route surveys in mind, however the comprehensive package would suit site investigation, salvage and wreck surveys would provide pre-installation and construction survey support.

Survey Echo Sounder : Odom Hydrotrac.
Odom Hydrotrac echo sounder with integral digitiser provides RS232 serial output to the computer. The Odom Hydrotrac is fully adjustable to enable the unit to be calibrated using a bar-check.

Survey Gyro Compass : Robertson SKR82. The gyro will provide heading information, the Sonardyne USBL system and the navigation computer and will undergo regular calibrations in accordance to Nutec’s field procedures.

Motion Reference Unit : Seatex MRU-5. The MRU-5 provides high performance motion data for various marine applications. The MRU-5 will provide roll, pitch and heave corrections to the Bathymetry and HPR system to ensure the acquisition of precise depth data.

Side Scan Sonar : Ulta’s Dual Frequency System. Widescan II is a high-reliability sonar system derived from Ulta’s Minescan sonar originally developed for Nato naval requirements.

Geometrics Caesium Magnetometer G881. Operating Principle: Self-oscillating split-beam Caesium Vapor (non-radioactive Cs133) with automatic hemisphere switching.

Operating Range: 17,000 nT to 100,000 nT
Operating Zones: Sensor is automatic hemisphere switching.

Sub Bottom Profiler. The Uniboom Unit Pulse Boomer is a moderate penetration, high resolution sound source transducer. The electromechanical sound transducer is designed to operate with EG&G capacitance Energy Sources, Seismic Recorder and matching Hydrophone streamer. The unique electromechanical assembly consists of an insulated metal plate and rubber diaphragm adjacent to a flat-wound electrical coil. A short duration, high power electrical pulse discharges into the coil and the resultant magnetic field explosively repels the metal plate. The plate motion in the water generates a single broad band acoustic pressure pulse. 


Recording system TTS System 2+ Rack Mounted                Streamer Litton 96 ch
Recording Length Up to 8second TWT                    Group Interval 12.5m or 6.25m
Sample Rate 1.0ms, 0.5ms and 0.25ms
                Hydrophones/Group 16 Group, 8 groups/section.
No. of Channels 96 
Sensitivity 5.1 V/B capacity coupling
Fold Half or Full 
Tow Depth 2.5 to 3.0m
Filters Low Cut off 411.9Hz @ 130dB/min
 Depth Control 5010 Digibirds, Digicourse software
Format Seg D 8085 32bit 
Source 90, 150 or 210cu in GI guns        single or duel array
Pre-Amp Gain 24dB 
Shot Interval 12.5m or 6.25m Full stack 
Source Depth 1.5 to 3.0m
Shot Timing ±0.5ms
 Source Level 2000 psi


Please enquire further for a full information pack

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